A holiday weekend link roundup

While most New Yorkers fled the city this weekend for the Hamptons/Nantucket/Jersey Shore/whatever their beach of choice is, I stayed put right here in an empty city and it was… delightful. I got restaurant reservations I normally can’t get! My favorite restaurants and wine bars were empty instead of packed! Staying in the city on a holiday weekend is highly underrated, IMO. Anyways, here are my favorite things I read this week.

Madam President? Five women candidates on what it will take to shatter the most stubborn glass ceiling, Vogue. There are more women running for president than ever before in history!

The dominance of the white male critic, New York Times. A compelling case for why we need more cultural critics of color.

What you lose when you gain a spouse, The Atlantic. This piece is super interesting, and I say that as a married person. Studies show that married people

Politics is changing. Why aren’t the pundits who cover it? New York Magazine. This piece by Rebecca Traister makes such an important point: our candidates are more diverse than ever, so why are cable news pundits still mostly old white men?

I’m a garden person now!, The New Yorker. Everyone in Brooklyn, we’ve been owned.

The dubious masculinity of grilling, Vox.

America has reached peak mask, The Atlantic.

The joy of missing out and the surprisingly difficult art of doing less, Vox.

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