Electability, moms at work, and being mistaken for the other Indian

Hello! This newsletter might look a little different this week, and that’s because I’ve moved platforms from Tinyletter to Substack, a much better newsletter platform. But the content will still be the same as it has been: interesting things I’m writing, reading, listening to, and other recommendations. After months of no name, I’m calling it Nisha’s Internet Tote Bag since it’s a slightly random grab bag assortment of things from around the internet each week.

Lots of good stuff to read this week, but in particular I want to call attention to two important pieces in the Washington Post this week on the frustrations of being a person of color in the workplace and being mistaken for that other person of color in your workplace:

She’s Asian and she’s female. But she’s not me,” by Michelle Ye Hee Lee

It ‘makes you feel invisible,’” by Rachel Hatzipanagos

I imagine that for many people, it probably seems like an innocuous mistake. But for people of color, it happens so often that it’s exhausting and yeah, it’s racist: it reduces a person to just their skin color, as though that’s the only distinguishing feature they have. I’ve often been mistaken for the other South Asian woman in the workplace, been called Priya and Neha and many other names of other co-workers, so these two stories felt all too real for me.

What I’ve been reading

Stuff I cooked this week

I had a busy week (I adopted a dog!) so there wasn’t much cooking, but yesterday I hosted some friends for book club brunch (we read Sally Rooney’s Normal People, which I highly recommend), and I made Smitten Kitchen’s cinnamon toast french toast and home fries, plus NYT Cooking’s shakshuka with feta, a classic that I’ve made many times before.

P.S. If you have any tips for a new first-time dog owner, let me know!