Happy fall

Happy September! Isn’t it funny how the moment the calendar switches over to September, everyone starts getting all nostalgic about fall foliage and pumpkin spice lattes and using their ovens again and wearing sweaters and boots? And then we simultaneously mourn the end of summer as if we’re not going to have any fun again the rest of the year. I don’t really get “mourning” the end of summer as adults. As kids, sure, it made sense, because summer’s end meant the end of a three-month vacation and going back to school. But as adults, we work all year, and vacations can be taken any time of year, regardless of season. We worked in the summer! So who cares if summer is over? We may not be going to the beach, but isn’t it all the same? Fall is just as fun! What’s the difference, really, besides twenty degrees?

What I’m reading

Kara Swisher on ambition, bragging, and having a baby at 56, The Cut. I’ll have whatever Kara’s having!

How a shoe that looks like a sock became the working woman’s obsession, Vox. I own two pairs of Rothy’s and a pair of Allbirds flats so yes, I am the target audience for this story.

The battle hymn of the #boymom, Jezebel.

I gooped myself, The Atlantic. What is Goop really selling women?

How to focus on one single goddamn thing, Vox. You mean I have to put my phone down?

What’s next for Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, InStyle. I love this adorable couple so much.

The cult of Sally Rooney, Vox. Why I can’t put down Sally Rooney books, and why no one else seems to be able to either.

The gospel according to Marianne Williamson, New York Times.

A century of shrill: how bias in technology is hurting women’s voices, The New Yorker.

You know Emily Doe’s story. Now learn her name, New York Times.

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