The best articles I read in 2020

ICYMI: Earlier this week, we had an open thread here on this newsletter to share our small wins of 2020, and your responses were so wholesome and wonderful! It truly made my day reading all of them. In a year that has been hard in a lot of ways, it was so nice to hear everyone’s small joys, from learning to knit to mastering recipes to growing herbs to buying homes and having babies and lots of other things, big and small. Thank you all for participating and sharing your wins — it was so nice to learn more about all of you! I’m looking forward to doing more open threads in the future.

Over the next few weeks in this newsletter, I’m going to be doing some end-of-2020 roundups. This week’s is a roundup of the best articles I read in 2020; hope you’ve got some free time to dig into them, because there were so many good ones. In the next two weeks, I’ll also have roundups of some of my favorite books I read this year and my favorite things I cooked.

Enjoy, and please share your favorite reads of the year in the comments if you’ve got other favorites that I missed!

The best articles I read in 2020

On the coronavirus, and how it’s changing our lives

On work and careers

On food, cooking, restaurants

On social media’s impact on our lives

  • My Instagram, N+1. One of the best things I’ve read on our relentless collective addiction to Instagram.

  • Going postalBookforum. A very good read on how social media has become an increasingly toxic place during the pandemic.

On race in America

And just other really good reads that don’t fit into a category…

What I’m reading (that’s new this week)

America’s most hated garment, The Atlantic. Sweatpants forever!!

The Olive Garden is open, but Marilyn Hagerty isn’t eating there, NYT. Remember Marilyn Hagerty, the North Dakotan food critic who went viral for her review of a new Olive Garden opening in her town in 2012? Pete Wells checked in to see how she’s faring in 2020.

Covid-19 dealt a blow to working women. Can we emerge stronger?, NYT.

Stealing to survive: more Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out in the pandemic, Washington Post. Heartbreaking, and it was all preventable.

Is it okay to let my dog sleep in the bed?, The Atlantic. So funny and sweet; a must-read for dog lovers

Which food publication had the best 2020 holiday cookie package?, Eater.

The business consultant home takeover, WSJ. While I have definitely been known to bring spreadsheets and other work-organization tactics into my home life, this still sounds like a nightmare.

Nothing made sense in 2020, unless you were on the internet, Vulture. On quarantine brain and how we found relief on the internet.

Small rooms, Griefbacon. On how our worlds have shrunk this year.

Just how white is the book industry?, NYT. 95% white, it turns out!!

What I’m cooking

This week I made: Moroccan-inspired meatballs. Sheet pan scallion chicken with baby bok choy. Broiled salmon with a soy-lime marinade.

And my holiday baking continued with lemon cream cheese cookies. Also, I made coquito!!!

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