What’s this newsletter all about?

This newsletter will always find you something interesting to read and something interesting to cook.

Every other Sunday, I send out a newsletter that includes:

  • A curated roundup of the very best reads I find on the internet that week — usually non-news related, just really good reads on stuff I’m interested in, including essays, features, and longreads

  • Essays from me on life, culture, society, creativity, or whatever else I’m interested in

  • Recipes and cooking recommendations

  • Sometimes other curated recommendations, like books, podcasts, or products that will make your life a little bit better!

I call it the Internet Tote Bag because it’s a mix of things each week — and I promise to always make it interesting and worth your time.

Who am I?

I’m Nisha Chittal, a journalist and editor based in Brooklyn. I’m the Managing Editor at Vox.com, and have been writing online for over a decade.

I spend my days online, so I read a lot of stuff on the internet, and I’m obsessed with finding the very best things to read and love sharing my favorites in this newsletter..

I’m also an avid home cook (and occasional food writer at Vox), so I also love sharing recipes and cooking recommendations.

You can follow me on Instagram for more links, recipes, and recommendations.

What newsletter readers are saying:

"Love love your newsletter as always and late each week keep wishing I had a second one to go through. Life's too short for me to cull the internet by myself." — Devi R.

"Ugh I love this newsletter too much. Forward to about 5 ppl each time! Thanks for being a discovery engine!” — Grace Clarke

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I'm a journalist and also an avid home cook. work @ Vox.com